Where to visit in Turkey?

Istanbul , Fethiye , Marmaris , Didim, Kusadasi, Cappadocia or Pamukkale are the top destinations in Turkey. Turkey is split into 7 regions. Each has its own distinct climate, landscape and traditions. The first four are named according to their adjacent seas (the Black Sea, the Marmara, the Aegean and the Mediterranean Regions). The other three are named with thier relation to their location through whole of Anatolia (Central, Eastern and South East Anatolia Regions). As a country, Turkey spans two continents (Europe and Asia) and boasts some 8,000km of coastline. Whether there is an idea of art, history, archeology, nature or if your idea of bliss is a relaxing beach or sailing holiday, there really is something for everybody when visiting Turkey.. During visiting Turkey someone should give a try to travel not only western Turkey but also eastern parts of the country as it is full of history and interseting places. You have to see the great Istanbul view, Blue mosque, hagia Sophia. Ruins at Ephesus worth a visit. Take a Marmaris yatch cruise , walk over cottons at Pamukkale… So, if you are planning a travel to Turkey, Istanbul , Fethiye , Marmaris , Didim, Kusadasi, Cappadocia and Pamukkale will be on the list. Please checkfor the pictures and maps relative form the navigation above.

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