Social Conventions tips for a Turkey Traveller

Travel to Turkey but do not forget these small tips .
  • Shaking hands is the normal form of greeting all around Turkey. Hospitality is very important and visitors should respect Islamic customs. Informal wear is acceptable, but beachwear should be confined to the beach or poolside. Smoking is widely acceptable at open areas but prohibited places are closed areas like restaurants, cinemas, theatres, buses, coaches and dolmuşes (collective taxis).
  • Gestures for `yes` and `no` can be rather confusing: `yes` is achieved by raising  the head up, while`no` is achieved with an identical gesture while lifting your eyebrows and clicking your tongue at the same time.
  • Putting the index finger and thumb together in a circle does not mean `OK` . You are calling the person a homosexual at a bad manner, which is exceptionally insulting to them.
  • Turks `stare` at people more than the westerners are used to. If a Turk intensely stares at you, this does not mean he is ready to attack, he simply finds interesting.
  • The gesture of placing the thumb under the index and middle fingers is the most vulgar gesture known in Turkey.
  • Making friends with Turkish people is easy. Especially for football fans, the most important thing to be known is the Turkish word for beer `bira`.

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